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One of the latest advancements in lighting technology is the LED Downlights which are usually mounted in a ceiling, so they are used primarily for indoor use. The use of LED lighting generally saves 50% to 85% of your monthly electric bills since it utilizes less power and what is the best way to achieve this? By getting your orders now at MJS Electrical Supplies in Sydney, Australia, you also get to look for other of our best products ranging from cables and screws to appliances and hardware tools that possess high standard quality. As the leading LED Downlights wholesaler, we are keeping you in mind as our valued customers, providing you top of the line quality LED lightings, electrical products and accessories for a more productive and easier living.

Types of LED downlights

There are actually two types of LED downlights that you can choose from: 

The Non-Dimmable LED Downlight is a type of LED downlight which is not controlled by a dimmer and is generally cheaper than the Dimmable type. It is because of a different feature that sets it apart from the  Non-Dimmable type. This type is ideal for places where you want your home to glow bright and luminous, thus giving your home that elegant vibe of your taste. The second type is the Dimmable type in which the lights are controllable with the use of a Dimmer, so you can control your room light from glowing to dim. This product is very ideal to be installed at rooms where you want light to be minimal at certain times. 

Since these two are both LEDs which is widely known to be more durable than the other bulbs, you will not need to go up and down just to replace the downlight. But whatever you prefer among these two, we assure you a long-lasting product and a great service to offer. MJS Electrical Products & Supplies  provides you products and supplies that are not only luxurious but also practical in giving you the best lighting for your room that you have best chosen for your home while definitely being both thrifty and eco-friendly. 

As our reputation continue to flourish, we will also continue to offer you products and services that catches your interest for convenience whether you are an electrician, a helpful handyman or a normal civilian. So what are you waiting for?  To purchase a product now check our our online store and contact us or go directly at our Mj Electrical Products & Supplies branch in Sydney, Australia as we are open from Mondays to Saturdays and provide you the high-grade service in delivery, shipping your orders within 24 hours of it being placed. For order of products over $500, we give a free Sydney Metro delivery service to lessen hassle and extra expenses. You can also pay it your way (from cash, direct deposit, paypal, credit cards, and many more), making our customers’ product of choice easier to purchase. If ever you are not happy with your purchase, you can plainly return your product within one week after you have purchased the product and we will give you full refund of the purchase price.

In MJS Electrical Products & Supplies, we not only see you solely as customers but a great stepping stone for us in achieving more long lasting customers and believing that developing sound relationships with people and providing them the best customer service experience we have come across will have us more prosperity to come in the future and making you feel complete and satisfied. Be one of them now!

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