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One of the primary product manufacturers and suppliers we cooperate with is Clipsal. Clipsal is well known to be Australia’s leading brand...

Searching for electrical supplies and accessories in Australia? It doesn’t get much better than MJS Electrical Supplies.

One of the primary product manufacturers and suppliers we cooperate with is Clipsal. Clipsal is well known to be Australia’s leading brand of electrical accessories. An industry leader in data communications, electrical accessories, home and industrial automation markets, Clipsal’s name keeps on growing from strength to strength.

All Clipsal products in Australia are largely produced in South Australia, in several factories that generate employment for more than 1,500 people throughout the country. During the final months of 2003, the Clipsal brand got together with Schneider Electric to effectively become the Clipsal Australia firm. With the strong backing of the planet’s largest electrical company, Clipsal is currently poised to become a huge player in worldwide markets and aims to become the leading electrical product in the world.

Clipsal can provide electrical solutions to practically every single market sector, for just about any project - from power plant to plug. In recent years, Clipsal has gained a primary stronghold on the rising data communications and integrated control markets.

Australia’s most up-to-date electrical engineering team

The engineering team of Clipsal prides itself on becoming the most skilled and advanced group in the country’s electrical industry, providing the most advanced electrical answers. Today, the brand enjoys various leadership positions in industrial infrastructure, data communications, building management systems, energy management, cable management solutions and home control systems

The perfect solution for you

Whether you require electrical supplies for a big commercial project or your new residence, Clipsal products in Sydney make it extremely easy to find just what you’re looking for. From energy-saving lighting, such as the Clipsal Saturn Series, and an incredible selection of different switches, as well as comprehensive data solutions and control systems, we’ve got it all.

From simple installation to big scale projects, Clipsal is very scalable, enabling you to procure just what you require and expand as your needs grow. We, at MJS Electrical Supplies, provide a wide Clipsal products range that provide superior reliability, positive investment return, optimise energy use and meet all necessary International and Australian Standards.

MJS Electrical Supplies - Largest range of Clipsal Products

We are Australia’s leading online electrical wholesaler and provide you a wide range of Clipsal products at wholesale prices, with savings that may reach 90%! Whether you’re a big electrical contractor and competing for your following job or an electrician looking for electrical supplies, we offer incomparable prices on our full range of Clipsal products and electrical parts.

Why Choose MJS Electrical Supplies?

As Australia’s #1 electrical wholesaler, we have all of your favourite and trusted brands at the most competitive prices. With thousands of satisfied online clients, we place you in a strong advantageous position for all of your electrical supplies at wholesale prices. Our unique delivery system will further ensure that your purchased products are dispatched on the exact same day of order.

You can definitely rest assured that your ordered Clipsal products will be delivered to your residential front door anywhere in Australia. 
Our online electrical shop if your ultimate solution

Here are just a handful benefits of ordering electrical supplies from our online store:

  • Immediate access to the top clipsal products and other electrical products. Option to compare different items and purchase from one single source.
  • Our prices & products are available 24/7 for purchase
  • As a leading online electrical shop, we can provide a wide variety of different electrical supplies.
  • Competitive rates on all of our products. Out strict standard fixed pricing principle means that you’ll always know the pricing without any variation. Our prices don’t depend on the spoken salesperson.
  • Easily browse a wide variety of electrical supplies with a quick mouse click.
  • The different products present in our online electrical shop can be delivered to any specific location.
  • Very low charge for delivery.
  • Quick delivery on all orders.
  • Buying through our online electrical shop saves much-needed time & petrol
  • We pride on our exceptional customer service. Email us, call us, chat with us, whichever way is best for you!

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