Spitfire Emergency Lighting for Sale

In the event of an emergency, a spitfire light will play a significant role in keeping you and others safe. These lights are designed to illuminate during a power failure, providing residents of said building with a clear visual route to safety. At MJS Electrical Supplies, we have a variety of spitfire emergency lights available to suit your preferences. Our lights come in white and black, ensuring they remain inconspicuous in any given space, and vary in size. They are also high-quality, long-lasting and easy to install, making them the best option for a low-maintenance emergency light.

Discover More on Offer at MJS Electrical

Besides spitfire lights, our collection of emergency lighting options includes battens, exit signs, oysters, spotlights, test units and downlights. We also have a range of regular downlights, which are almost undetectable when recessed into the ceiling and cast a very pleasant light. You can additionally find a variety of ceiling lights, bathroom lights and architectural lights in our catalogue, which include plenty of energy-saving LED options. If you need exterior or weatherproof lighting, check out our range of flood lights, wall lights and garden light transformers. Otherwise, you can always browse our assortment of sensors, light dimmers, highbrays, strip lights and much more.

The Easy Choice

There are so many reasons to choose MJS Electrical Supplies. Our team of friendly staff are experts in all electrical matters, offering the best advice for the safe and effective functioning of electrical components, devices and systems. We also offer great prices on quality equipment, and deliver our products as promptly as possible. Along with lighting, we offer everything you need to keep a home running. This includes smart home and safety accessories, as well as equipment for air movement, circuit protection and conduit and ducting. You can trust us with switchboards, switchgear, industrial products and much, much more.

Feel a Spark?

Whether you are thinking about your family home or your business, Emergency Lighting should be a top priority. This feature is essential for safe and efficient evacuation. For reliable spitfire emergency lights, shop the range at MJS Electrical Supplies today!

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