Connected Switchgear and Geo Quad Powerpoints

Are you having a hard time looking for electrical switchgear? Are you worried that you may end up buying something that won't last a long time? Here at MJS Electrical Supplies, we have you covered. Connected Switchgear manufactures different varieties of high-quality electrical switchgear and electrical Powerpoints that can cater to your electrical needs. CSG switchgear products are manufactured from premium materials, using polycarbonate that won't fade to yellow, even with age. The terminals and screws used are solid brass, which, when electrified, won't deteriorate even when exposed to ambient moisture.

Connected Switchgear is a 100% Australian owned and operated company that provides the electrical industry with alternative quality products. Each product is carefully built and designed by experts to offer durable and long-lasting switchgear to customers like you. With Connected Switchgear, we are confident you’re getting superior products. All CSG switchgear has a full range of mechanisms that can be interchangeable across its entire range of products.

Connected Switchgear Geo Range

Whether you’re looking for an electrical switch that can perform basic applications or electrical Powerpoints that have different functionality, MJS Electrical Supplies have everything you need. The CSG switchgear BASIX series are high-quality entry-level products that can perform essential electrical functions. Are you particular with the style and the look of your electrical accessories? The GEO Fineline range is for you. It is available in different configurations, whether horizontal or vertical. This range also comes in both black and white with a complete range of non-standard cover plates, including powder coat, brushed aluminium and brushed brass. We also carry different products such as the double Powerpoint outlet, 2 gang switch, oven switch, and 3 position fan switch. Did we not mention the CSG switchgear you are looking for? Feel free to browse all our Connected Switchgear products on our website, call us or visit us instore.