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Downlights are very stylish modern lights that can be found in many modern homes. They look almost invisible recessed into the ceiling, and give off a beautiful light. LED Downlights are growing in popularity, due to their long-lasting globes and energy-saving properties. This section contains all things to do with downlights, including downlight kits, downlight fittings, downlight globes and accessories such as transformers and heat cans.

LED downlights are among the most versatile types of lighting. These lights are often used as ceiling lighting for kitchens, bathrooms, commercial environments, outdoors, or practically anywhere. Smart downlights are the intelligent version of these lights, allowing users to integrate this lighting with their smart home. If you are looking for LED downlights for sale, MJS Electrical supplies are here for you. From LED downlight globes, smart LED downlights, and black LED downlights, we have got you covered.

What To Look For When Buying LED Downlights?

Trim - LED Downlights Installation

Trim is a crucial visual aspect of a downlight as it is the only part that you will see when installed. While it does not make any difference in the light's performance, it can affect your room's overall design. Downlight trims come in various finishes. There's no best type of trim; it's all a matter of personal preference.

Colour Temperature

If you're installing downlights in a resting area such as living rooms and bedrooms, go for one that produces warm white (2700k-3200k). For kitchens and bathrooms, cool white temperatures above 4000k would be beneficial.

Beam Angle

The bulb's beam angle can determine how wide or narrow its beam of light is. If you'd like to use LED downlights for accent lighting, a narrow beam between 20°-40° would be best. For general purpose lighting, a wider beam between 100-120° is your best choice.

Wattage and Lumens

The bulb's wattage tells you how much power goes to the bulb, while the lumens tell you its brightness. For general use, choose a lumen count anywhere between 300-800lm, but LED downlight lumens can range from 150-20,000lm.

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