Buy TPS Flat Electrical Cables Australia

Do you need cables for general power supply and distribution purposes? If yes, then TPS cable is the one you're looking for. This type of cable is used for building wire for power and lighting inside and outside your house. It is also used as a power supply and control wire of daily electrical appliances. MJS Electrical Supplies has a variety of electrical cables and wires. We also have TPS cables and TPS flat electrical cables available. We understand the importance of wiring in your electrical system; that's why we only offer high-quality electrical products. All the items we offer are tried and tested to ensure reliability and durability, giving you only the best we can offer. Make sure to only buy electrical cables from trusted electricals suppliers like MJS Electrical Supplies.

A TPS (thermoplastic-sheathed) cable is made of a toughened outer sheath of PVC or polyvinyl chloride thermoplastic, which covers one or more individual annealed copper conductors insulated with PVC. This type of wiring is typically used for residential and light commercial constructions, although it isn't ideal for industrial setup. We also carry the flat TPS cable with two insulated conductors and an uninsulated earth conductor, all inside the outer sheath and referred to as twin and earth. Our TPS flat electrical cable sizes include 1.5 twin and earth cable, 2.5 mm twin and earth cable, and 4mm twin and earth cable.

Here at MJS Electrical Supplies, your safety is our number one priority. That's why we only offer products that are approved and carry the required markings. We only carry authentic products that can fit any budget. When you're looking for an economical and inexpensive solution but don't want to compromise on quality, we've got your needs covered. If you still don't know what you need, feel free to browse our products or call and speak to our knowledgeable team.