Instrumentation Cables: For When You Need a Little Spare Rope

Essential to many manufacturing and processing applications, instrumentation cables are what you need to control and keep tabs on those functions that rely on electronic circuits. Transmitting low-energy signals with their many conductors, instrumentation cables will send everything — from electrical power to digital data (unassociated with a data cable, in this case) — where it needs to go.

When coiled, instrumentation cables are a powerhouse of functionality, often tailored to a specific type of application. Let’s review how you can use an instrumentation cable to keep all things connected on the job.

Instrumentation Cables: Versatile & Tough

Equipped with remarkable electrical, thermal and corporeal features, instrumentation cables are built to withstand harsh conditions and apply to multiple industries. At MJS Electrical Supplies, we have 1-pair and 2-pair instrumentation cables that tick all these boxes. Whether you need them for short runs or multiple longer runs, our 1-pair and 2-pair instrumentation cables come in varying lengths to suit your needs. Use them to establish inter-connections in computers, intercoms, telemeters, signals or alarm systems.

Beyond Instrumentation Cables

If your project calls for something different, we’ve got you covered. At MJS Electrical Supplies, we can deliver the goods you need for the job at hand. If you need a power cable or two, that’s too easy! Or, if you want to be extra secure, we also have that security cable you’ve been searching for. Whatever you need, we almost certainly have it. With 100mtr to 500 metre rolls of instrumentation cable at the ready, we’re in a strong position to uncoil and run rings around the competition.

Buy 1-Pair Instrumentation Cables & So Much More at MJS

Whatever cable you need — be it a 1-pair instrumentation cable or data cable — we’ve got it right here at MJS Electrical Supplies. Check it all out at our online store!

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