Are you looking for a cable that can withstand extra-high voltages? If yes, then XLPE cable is what you need. MJS Electrical Supplies has all the electrical wires and cables you need. Our extensive range of cables includes XLPE cables, single-core XLPE cable, multi-core XLPE cable, security alarm cable, SDI cable & data cables. We know how vital electrical wirings are for your system, that's why all our cables and wires are made from high-quality materials. We tried and tested each product to ensure its durability and reliability, giving you the best we have to offer.

Benefits of XLPE Cables

XLPE cable is designed to withstand voltages ranging from low to extra-high voltage. XLPE electrical cable can be used for long cable routes in high voltage transmission where the dielectric losses play a significant role. Because it's lightweight, this can be easily handled compared to higher voltage cable. You can also install this for inclined or vertical runs since there is no oil migration case from insulation. The insulation of XLPE is highly resistant to moisture; that's why there is no particular precaution needed for jointing and termination. You'll also need less time to join XLPE cables than any other conventional cable with a similar grade. This type of cable can be safely used on any vibrating layouts like bridges. It also has better resistance to the salinity of water in the ground, oils, chemicals, corrosive fumes, and is free from fire risk. These cables aren't prone to failure because of their ageing characteristics and have a longer life than most cables.

Here at MJS Electrical Supplies, your safety is our number one priority. That's why we only offer products that are approved and carry the required markings. We only carry authentic products that can fit any budget. When you're looking for an economical and inexpensive solution but don't want to compromise on quality, we've got your needs covered. If you still don't know what you need, feel free to browse our products or call and speak to our knowledgeable team.