AC Accessories to Help Cool Your Room

Whether you are an office manager or homeowner, having an air conditioner is paramount to keep the temperature in your room down, and keep the space comfortable for everyone there. To keep your air conditioners in best shape, and to bring out the most out of them functionality wise, it is important to ensure they are working fine. With our air conditioning accessories, you will find tools to help your AC unit keep ticking, and keep your space cool and comfortable.

With the AC accessories we have in stock at MJS Electrical Supplies, it’s easy to get your AC in top condition — just order the tools or parts you need from our website. For instance, you can find all the air conditioning cable you need and get them delivered fast.

The AC Accessories We Stock

Aircon accessories are important to help the parts and components in your unit to work as intended. For instance, with our internal copper tube benders, installing kink-free bends of annealed copper pair coils is fast and easy. They have been designed to handle repeated stress caused by sharp bends, and are easy to extract after bending the copper. We cater to varying thicknesses of copper tubes with the benders we stock, so you are sure to find just the one you need. We have other great and must-have air conditioning accessories as part of our overall air conditioning supplies range too.

Why Choose MJS Electrical Supplies?

Since we started over a decade ago in 2010, MJS Electrical Supplies has grown considerably. Our small team is made up of experts, so we have a combined experience of over two decades and can bring you the best service and advice. Like, if you’re wondering how to prop an air conditioner, we can give you tips on how to raise the unit off the ground for peak efficiency and reduce wear and tear. We can also direct you to the best products to make propping up that AC unit super simple and fast.

Having worked in the electrical supplies industry for so long, we have built and continue to maintain firm relationships with some of the best brands on offer. That’s why we can give you great value for money on top-quality products to ensure you get the job done quickly and effectively.

Get AC Accessories & More

Whether you need wholesale air conditioning supplies, commercial ventilation fan or something else, we have you covered at MJS Electrical Supplies. See for yourself by shopping our great range today!

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