Cut Back On Energy Consumption With an Electrical Timer

An electrical timer switch is an innovative way to save on energy bills and more without even having to think about it. Once your analogue or digital timer switch is set up, it limits your overall consumption of electricity by turning off particular electrical circuits, whether it’s those for your outdoor lights, water heater or the pool pump. As a result, you can automate these features to an extent, so you can sit back and relax, knowing that the electricity timer has it covered. Plus, you can set them up to be used outside of peak periods to further reduce those energy bills.

We’ve found that these electrical timers have become just as necessary in any home or property as the main switches. Luckily, we have lots of great-quality electrical timers for you to choose from, including easy-to-use analogue timer switch options.

Looking for Even More Switches & Circuit Gear?

If electrical timer switches aren’t enough, we’ve got a host of other switches and circuit protection products for you to choose from. Pick up some reliable safety switches — available in a range of configurations and from top brands — to avoid accidents and mishaps. At the same time, be sure to grab some fuses, either with or without the holder for your convenience.

Whatever you choose to buy at MJS Electrical Supplies, you can trust that not only are you getting a quality product, you’re also getting it for a competitive price.

Buy Your Electricity Timer Switch Now & Start Saving

Whether you’re after those lower energy bills as the cost of living continues to rise, or you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of remembering to shut off the pool pump, our electrical timers will do the trick. So, be sure to buy yours today.