Which Type of Power Outlets is Right for You?

Electrical powerpoints—also known as power outlets or socket outlets—are a home commodity that connect our equipment and appliances to a power source. More importantly, powerpoints are designed to protect you from the electrical currents to which they’re linked. This is why choosing the right type of outlet is a task too important to take lightly. Your decision should consider not only appearance and function, but the safety of you, your family, and your pets. To help you shop, we at MJS Electrical have listed some of the most common features to help you choose the best outlets for your home or office.

Single vs. Double Power Points

A single powerpoint carries only one receptacle, while a double powerpoint or outlet features two. Although double power points are usually a little pricier, they are more convenient because they allow for the use of multiple appliances at once and take up the same space as a single powerpoint.

Outlets with Switches & USB Ports

Powerpoints with switches are usually used for lights and exhaust fans to reduce clutter on your walls. USB sockets, on the other hand, keep up with modern technology. They feature USB ports beside your traditional sockets to let you charge your mobile phones, tablets, and other devices directly and without an adapter. USB Sockets feature single USB, Double USB and now USB A+C Charging options for fast charging of all the latest gadgets and technology.

Tamper-resistant and Weatherproof Outlets

These socket outlets offer additional safety features for your homes. They are best installed outdoors or in areas usually occupied with children and pets. Tamper-resistant outlets hold a shutter sliding system that prevents anyone from opening the outlet unless they apply pressure to both slots. Weatherproof power points are durable and are made to withstand outdoor elements. They feature a weatherproof cover or have internal weatherproof shutters that shield the outlet when not in use.

Pop-Up Sockets & Floor Outlets

Pop-up powerpoints and floor outlets are sockets that stay hidden until needed. They are perfect for those who have less wall space in their homes or need a more stealth and convenient power solution. Pop-up sockets are not only aesthetically pleasing, but practical, especially in the kitchen. When used in a countertop, they keep hazardous cords from dangling and protect the outlet from getting wet. Floor boxes and floor outlets are designed to be installed within the floor. They are excellent for cable management, providing a convenient plug in location for your power needs without having to run extension cords all over your floor resulting in dangerous trip hazards. Pop-up powerpoints and floor outlets can also feature USB and data outlet options too.

Residential vs. Commercial Outlets

Residential powerpoints are the most common ones—ideal for your average household electrical consumption. Commercial outlets are heavy duty and are designed to withstand constant and heavy electrical usage as well as rough environments and chemicals. They come in different IP ratings and are made from different materials depending on the harshness of the environment.

Powerpoints from Trusted Australian Brands

MJS Electrical sources our products from the most trusted and reliable brands in Australia. From traditional wall power points to antenna and data sockets, our store provides you with the best quality power outlets at affordable prices.

  • Clipsal - Clipsal is a household name for power points and switches in Australia. They have the widest range of outlets, with a capacity to provide products for any use.

  • HPM - One of the most trusted Australian brands in the electrical industry, HPM provides diverse electrical products known for their quality, safety, and reliability.

  • Connected Switchgear - Connected Switchgear manufactures a wide variety of switches and power points from premium materials. They feature high-quality products that won’t break the bank.

  • QCE - Quality Controlled Electrics is one of the newest players in the industry but never disappoints in quality. They provide top-grade powerpoints for a cheaper price.

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