Horizontal & Vertical Stud Brackets

Are you installing new switchgear? One of the essential parts of switchgear installation is its metal brackets. To ensure that your switchgear will last for a long time, choosing the right metal mounting brackets is crucial. At MJS Electrical supplies, we have all types of metal brackets you will need to mount your switchgear on any kind of surface. All our metal brackets and stud brackets are made from high-quality steels. You are sure that the products you buy are durable and can mount your switchgear for a long time. We also purchase products in bulk to give you the best prices possible so you don’t need to worry about paying for expensive metal mounting brackets or compromising on quality.

Heavy Duty Metal Brackets

Whether you are looking for metal brackets, plaster brackets, stud brackets, a Powerpoint mounting bracket, c-clip bracket, or plaster clip bracket, we got you covered. All of these products are from the best manufacturers here in Australia, giving you the peace of mind that your mounting brackets are all top of the line. We have a Clipsal plaster bracket that's perfect for your Clipsal switches. These metal mounting brackets are the ideal accessories for all switching devices, whether you want to mount it horizontally or vertically.

So if you are looking for the most reliable metal brackets in the market, we have them all here. We assure you that you will only get the best product regardless of your budget. All our products are tested to last. No need to shop around and waste your time checking every store possible, here at MJS Electrical Supplies, everything you need is just a click away. To make sure you are buying the right metal mounting bracket, please check the details of each product carefully. Shop the large range of metal mounting brackets online or visit us instore.