Weatherproof lighting products are built to resist a wide range of environmental conditions. They can withstand basic moisture as well as splash from rain and hail. They are designed to be robust, so these products can resist abrasions. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about stray footballs or wild weather breaking these lights.

Weatherproof Batten Light Features


LEDs are proven to be much more energy-efficient than incandescent and CFL options, giving you more energy savings. In fact, they last as much as 50 times longer, don't contain mercury and provide more control over brightness and light appearance, including choosing between warm and cool light.


A tri-colour LED light takes the guesswork out of choosing the right colour temperature rating for your needs. Now the single fitting is able to change between three colour temperatures at the time on installation.

IP Rating

IP Ratings are used to classify the degrees of protection your lighting and other electrical components have against the intrusion of solid objects, like dust, as well as accidental contact with water.

The first digit identifies the protection level for hazardous solid foreign objects, like dust particles, electrical conductors, moving parts, and more. In comparison, the second digit is the level of protection against liquids. The larger the digit, the greater the protection level.

Most Common Weatherproof IP Ratings

IP54 Weatherproof Rating

IP54-rated batten LEDs are completely protected against dust and water splashes.

IP65 Weatherproof Rating

LEDs with an IP65 rating are fully protected against foreign objects and water jets. Typically, these lights could be splashed with water from your hose and not be damaged. This is why we recommend purchasing IP65-rated lights for your outdoor fixtures.

Benefits of Weatherproof Batten Lights

Robust and Long-Lasting Light

No matter the weather, you can be assured that these weatherproof batten lights are durable enough to endure natural elements, such as dust, rain, and hail. With IP ratings ranging from IP54 to IP65, these are the perfect choice for your exterior lighting.

Increased Safety

Lighting that works in your backyard in the middle of bad weather provides safety. Weatherproof lighting provides sufficient light to make maneuvering outside in a dark storm manageable. More importantly, these batten lights help you detect activities outside your home, like when someone is approaching your house or someone parks their car in your driveway.

Extend Your Living Space

Your outdoor area can be an extension to your home's living space. Lighting up the space makes it a comfortable place to settle in. For instance, a well-lit backyard with lounge chairs is a perfect hangout area for your friends and family to eat, drink, or play games at night. But, of course, to light up your backyard, you'll need weatherproof lighting that can survive the rain, storms, or hail.

Improved Home Value

A well-designed garden with good lighting improves your home’s aesthetic and ensures that it looks well maintained. Moreover, a safe home with a well-lit porch or backyard will prove valuable on the market. All this can be achieved with weatherproof LED lights that produce high-quality light and can withstand the harsh weather outdoors.

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