Stylish Clipsal Slimline Powerpoints

We know how much you value your home. That's why here at MJS Electrical Supplies, we offer Australia's number one electrical accessories brand, Clipsal. We offer a wide range of Clipsal products from Clipsal Iconic, Clipsal switches, Clipsal Powerpoint, and Clipsal Saturn. Our Clipsal product line boasts functionality and design. We know that apart from the apparent benefits electrical accessories give, you also value style for your home. Whether you need a splash of colour, unique textures or intelligent features, Clipsal switches are the perfect option for you. We test all the products we have to make sure that you get the best one possible.

Where to Buy Clipsal Iconic Range Switches

Our Clipsal Iconic range gives you the freedom to express yourself. This product line is perfect for everyone. You can choose from the standard switches to Powerpoints. No matter what kind of technology you have for your accessories, the Clipsal Iconic range can update the suit of your home. And even though the grid plates are already installed, you can still have the option to change your Iconic light switch or Powerpoint skins any time. You just need to clip off the standard coat and clip on the fresh look.

If your home has a lot of windows, you can use Clipsal Saturn to match its overall look and feel. For a more modern touch, you can use Clipsal gpo and Clipsal gpo with USB. The Clipsal 2000 series and Clipsal double gpo boast their multi-functionality. Are you looking for a minimalistic design? Clipsal Saturn one touch is perfect for you. Do you want controlled lighting? Then the Clipsal LED dimmer is the one for you. Or if you just want a simple light switch, then the Clipsal slimline power points and Clipsal 2 gang switch are for you. Whatever Clipsal product you need, we have it here at MJS Electrical Supplies.