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Purchasing switch plate covers can be complicated, whether it's for a brand new home, your office, or your newly renovated house. Different factors should be considered, including the colour, finishing, style, size, and most importantly, configuration. The last thing you want is to buy the wrong switch plate covers, which can delay the finishing of your project. Thankfully here at MJS Electrical Supplies, we offer a wide collection of light switch cover plates that suits every need. From the classic 3 gang light switch covers, 4 gang light switch covers to black light switch cover plates, we got you covered. 

New to buying light switch covers? Don't worry; below is a simple guide that will help you choose the right switch covers for your home, office, or project.

How To Choose the Right Light Cover Switch Plate?

Create a List

Make a list of all the rooms that require light switch covers or, better yet, sketch each plate location and shape to make an accurate count. The most common mistake of purchasing switch plates is miscounting. Don't forget those hidden behind furniture, and make sure that you write down those in the same room to coordinate their designs.

Write down device description and orientation

You also need to write down the device description as well, so you know which configurations to buy. Most people select an outlet, not realising that they come in different variants. You also need to pay attention to the orientation of decorative switch plates because some have different device openings. Do you need a 2 gang light switch plate cover or 3 gang light switch plate cover? Once you know the device configuration and description, it will be easier to choose one.

Match the brand of your switch

You can’t just buy any switch cover plate to suit any wall switch. The switch cover plate must match the switchgear, electrical switches, powerpoints, data or ethernet wall sockets, telephone wall plate or coaxial wall socket you have installed in the house. Most ranges only serve as a simple colour or material change, however with newer ranges like Clipsal Iconic you can use the same base and up to 7 different cover plate styles.

Select colour and finishing

After matching the brand of your switch to your switch plate cover, the next thing you need to do is to determine the colours that work best with your overall design. If you are renovating your home, would the current covers seem out of place? Make sure that the switch plate covers you purchase complements the decor of your room. For example, white covers can overpower a dark wall. If this is the case, consider changing your light switch plates to darker ones.

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