Get External Wall Vents in Australia

External wall vents are the unsung heroes of home life. While they work hard, affixed to your house’s outside walls, we go about our day inside enjoying purified air, taking for granted the lack of bugs or debris or even rodents that may otherwise make their way indoors. If your property could use some ventilation, MJS Electrical Supplies has you sorted in spades. Learn more about our external and internal wall vents right here!

MJS Electrical Supplies’ Range

There’s more than one way to ventilate a room. At MJS Electrical Supplies, we have wall vents and grilles round and square, available in black or white, and in plastic or stainless steel. Whatever shape, shade or material you’re after, we’re sure to stock it. So, whether you want to affix your external wall vent to the roof, wall or window, we’re sure you can find the solution you need to flush stale air out and keep fresh air rolling in.

External and internal wall vents contrast and yet often work together. They top and tail a two-way portal to bring fresh air in and let stale air out. Without one, the other cannot work and vice versa. Perhaps the internal wall vents you see most are those that cover the kitchen and bathroom fans—or that facilitate ducted heating. If you want to keep debris at bay, why not check out our corresponding collection of internal wall vents, too? (Pro tip: because they get so dusty, take them out for a thorough clean every once in a while!)

Take Your Ventilation Two Steps Further

Ready to up your ventilation game? While wall exhaust fans will expel the particles present in kitchen- or bathroom-related endeavours, there is another level to which you can propel it. Inline fans are a larger-scale solution that are great for commercial use, although you can use them at home, as well. You’ll find them in the ductwork of a ventilation system and they can enhance air circulation, overcome bend- or filter-induced resistance, and address areas with inadequate airflow. These can be great additions to any space, especially if you’re working with larger rooms or buildings.

All Your External Wall Vent Needs—Covered Internally

Is the air a little stale at your place? Or do you need that perfect external wall vent for your next project? Whatever the cause, MJS Electrical Supplies is where you want to look. We have everything you need to turn a stale room fresh. With over 20 years’ industry experience, we can recommend the right item or tool for whatever the job is at hand. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can always track it down! With prices to rival those of our competition, MJS Electrical Supplies prides itself on providing tradespeople with easy access to the essentials. Browse our range today to get the most out of your next project.

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