Sensor Lights are designed to turn lights on automatically when movement is detected and turn off after a preset period. They can operate in all weather conditions and feature long-range detection. Sensor lights can be used for garages, driveways, porches, and outdoor living areas. They also provide you with peace of mind by automatically lighting up a space to deter intruders and trespassers. However you look at it, sensor lighting offers enhanced security, convenience, and energy savings.

If you are looking for LED sensor lights, MJS Electrical Supplies is here to help. We offer various sensor lighting, whether its an indoor motion sensor light, outdoor motion sensor white light or black motion sensor light, we have the solution for you.

Sensor Lights FAQs

Why do I need sensor lights?

Sensor lights - LED sensor lights outdoor or indoor sensor light—are an affordable way to add an extra layer of security to your home. These lights alert you if there's any motion in a specific area, which can potentially scare off burglars or trespassers. There are a variety of sensor lights available that can fit your budget and security needs.

Will my outdoor motion sensor lights turn on during a windy day when trees are blowing in my yard?

There's a possibility that the light may turn on when you don't want to, which can be annoying to you or your neighbours. To keep this from happening, find a sensor light where you can adjust the sensitivity and distance range. Other settings allow the sensor light to only operate during the night to avoid wasting electricity.

MJS Electrical Supplies - LED Security Sensor Light

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