Discover the Power of Batten Lights & Fittings

Whether you’re after wall or ceiling lights, batten lights are a top-tier choice. And with MJS Electrical Supplies extensive range of LED and fluorescent batten lights, you can find the perfect option right now!

Efficient & Effective Lighting With Fluorescent & LED Batten Lights

With our LED or fluorescent light batten fittings, you’re getting a lighting option that suits a wide range of spaces, efficiently casting light where you need it. Choose from a range of features and arrangements, including batten holders for lights and diffused glass for effective and uniform light distribution. Additionally, if you’re looking at an LED batten fix light, you can also take advantage of light setting features to get that ideal warmth in your illumination.

All our batten lights are made by reputable manufacturers with long histories of creating quality products, like Clipsal and SAL. This means that you can trust that you’re getting a reliable product that’s designed to do its job well and last for many years to come.

Light Up Your Space Your Way With MJS Electrical Supplies

If you’re after other great lighting solutions, we can help with that too. Along with batten fix lights, we also have a huge collection of oyster lights. Available in traditional and contemporary styles, these oyster lights come in black and white options to best suit your decor. Many also have LED tricolour features too so you can switch colour temperatures as you like.

Speaking of LEDs, we have a selection of LED panels for sale as well. These can be a fantastic alternative to battens for lighting up large spaces in an effective and energy-efficient way. All you need to do is choose the panel you like the most!

Buy Your Batten Holders & Lights Now

With fast shipping, and an experienced and friendly team ready to answer your questions, now’s the time to shop batten lights at MJS Electrical Supplies

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