Safe, secure and convenient, electrical conduit fittings are a staple for any electrician. As a must-have for any electrical job, it’s imperative that you get electrical conduit so you can do your work properly. At MJS Electrical, we offer a range of conduit fittings. Not only flexible and rigid conduits, but ducting and an array of conduit fittings are essential too to meet the needs of any electrical installation jobs you may have.

Rigid Conduit

Whether you need to mechanically protect cables above or below ground, MJS Electrical has you covered. With our range of medium and heavy-duty rigid conduits, ranging from 16mm all the way up to 150mm, you’ll be sure to find the rigid conduit you need, whatever the job. Further, we also offer a variety of conduit fittings and accessories from straight tees, elbows and sweep bends. As our rigid conduits and fittings are manufactured with high-quality PVC and ensured to withstand Australian conditions, you can rest assured knowing your electrical work will stay intact for longer.

Though, due to our rigid conduit’s size (4 metres in length), this product can only be picked up. If you have a large order, it can be delivered from the supplier, but please contact us for more information.

Flexible Hose

If you want durability matched with flexibility then MJS Electrical has the flexible electrical conduit for you. The MJS Electrical range of flexible hose, which comes in a variety of sizes and lengths, is perfect for air conditioning and hot water installations. If you’re a level 2 service provider, then look no further, we have the electrical cables you need for any power pole. Further, we have the range of cable conduit fittings you need such as 2 or 3-way shallow junction boxes to make sure you can do the job safely and to a high standard. Further, like the rest of our range, we ensure the quality of our flexible hose conduits, so you can trust that your installations will last.

Cable Ducting

When you need that versatile option for protecting cables, while also maintaining visual appeal by concealing them, then MJS Electrical has you covered with its range of cable ducting. Our square PVC cable ducts are perfect for any number of applications. Whether you need it for air conditioning installations, security and home theatre applications, or data and networking, MJS Electrical can get you quality, easy-to-cut and easy-to-install cable ducting. Further, our range is UV stabilised and self-extinguishing to ensure a high quality result that will last longer.

Why Shop With MJS

One of Australia’s most trusted electrical wholesalers, MJS Electrical is the wholesaler of choice among Australian tradies. All our inventory is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, so you know you’ll be getting a top-quality product.

Further we offer fast delivery. Our orders are dispatched typically within twenty-four hours of order placement.

If you’re unsure about whether a product will meet your needs, one of our representatives is always available to help if you want to get in touch. With years of experience, our staff have the knowledge to help you.

If you need electrical conduit, shop at MJS Electrical today!

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