Modern Doorbells and Intercoms for Home Security

For the latest offers in home security supplies, MJS Electrical Supplies is the place to be. Our selection of wireless intercoms and doorbells will transform the way you run your home. These technologies are designed for convenience, simple communication and improved security. Our intercoms, for example, allow you to view, hear and speak with anyone who turns up at your door. You can even track and record door-front interactions, and release the door-lock from your home monitor or mobile device. Of course, your exact capabilities will depend on the intercom system of your choice, but many of our products have customisable options to meet your preferences.

We also offer some more simple options, such as smart doorbell intercom systems that notify you when a human presence is detected outside your home. There’s also the wireless doorbell that plays a specific melody for friends and family, so you know whether or not it’s a stranger at the door. Each of these products gives you the ability to access your home from your phone, giving you peace of mind every day when you leave the house and helping you monitor things like package deliveries. Furthermore, if you or any guests to your property have mobility issues, electronic door bells and intercoms can assist by providing an easier method of communication.

Feel Safe and Secure with MJS Electrical Supplies

When it comes to home security, wireless intercoms are the tip of the iceberg. We have an assortment of clever and intuitive products designed to keep you, your loved ones and your belongings safe. Our Network Surveillance Cameras, for instance, ensure that no one can enter or approach your property without being spotted and identified. These products boast high image quality and intelligent video functions that make them incredibly easy to use. We also have a variety of smoke alarms, door strikes and alarm systems, all of which are essential for optimum safety.

Feel a Spark?

There are many reasons why customers choose MJS Electrical Supplies. We want our products to fit effortlessly within your home, and have therefore created a collection of sleek and intuitive products. These products are high-quality, affordable and designed for maximum functionality. We are also very accessible, offering a number of ways to contact our team and purchase our products. If you need intercom systems and wireless doorbells in a pinch, shop at MJS Electrical Supplies today!

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