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When it comes to video and audio installations in our home or office, we need to use coaxial cable. It is also used commercially in cable TV, telecommunication, and the internet industry. If you are looking for the best place to buy coaxial cable, coaxial cable 100m, and coax cable rolls, you are at the right place. MJS Electrical Supplies has all the security and alarm cables you need. Our extensive range of electrical cables, telephone cables, data cables, aerial bundled cables, solar cables are suited for most residential and commercial applications. Cables and wires play a crucial role in your home's electrical system, that's why you only need to purchase these at your trusted electrical cable online store like MJS Electrical Supplies. All our products are tried and tested to ensure its durability and reliability, giving you only the best we have to offer.

Foxtel Coaxial Cable

Whether you need to use a coaxial cable for your home or commercial installations, it is good to know what you are dealing with. Coaxial cable is used to transmit audio, voice, and video signals by telecommunication and the internet. Cable TV providers use coaxial TV cables to transmit the signals to residential homes. It is also used to connect different devices such as DVD players, speakers, and digital cable set-top boxes. One of the best features of a coaxial cable is that it can ward off external interferences and transmit a strong signal without losing its quality. Coaxial cables generally have a male connector at one end and a female connector on the other side to make a connection.

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