Buy SDI Cable Online

We know that it can be frustrating when it comes to choosing the right cable for your home. MJS Electrical Supplies has all the video cables you need. From single double insulated cables to coaxial cables, we got it all for you. Our extensive range of electrical cables and wires are suited for most residential and commercial applications. Cables and wires play a crucial role in your home's electrical system, that's why you only need to purchase these at your trusted electrical cable online store like MJS Electrical Supplies. All our products are tried and tested to ensure its durability and reliability, giving you only the best we have to offer.

SDI cables, also known as single-core double insulated, are easy peel-sheathe for general wiring. It is commonly used in domestic, commercial, and industrial applications where it is not subjected to mechanical damage. This type of cable is resistant to low and high temperatures. It is available in different sizes, from 1.00mm to 16mm. Here at MJS, we have different sizes of SDI cables available with an inner sheath in red, black, and white color. We can also cut it to a specific size. Just let us know.

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