LED strip lights and kits are among the most popular lighting solutions available today. With so many incredible variations, they are the perfect way to spruce up a room. High-quality strip lights have an impressive lifespan and use little electricity, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting option. They are also flexible, bending to fit into the corners of a room, and have self-adhesive tape attached for the user’s convenience. Both decorative and functional, LED strip lights often come with handheld remotes that control colour changes and brightness levels. If you’re looking for a fun lighting option that is simple to install and easy to use, browse MJS Electrical’s LED strip lights online.

Types of LED Strip Lights on Offer

At MJS Electrical, we have several varieties of top-quality LED strip lights on offer. We stock 2-metre and 5-metre LED strip lights to suit different spaces, as well daylight, warm light and multicolour varieties to meet specific lighting needs. Our bluetooth LED strip lights allow you to control the lights with your phone, and feature four separate flashing modes with dimming memory functions. Alternatively, a LED strip light kit is a fantastic option, with a multi-function remote controller found within the kit’s convenient package.

As well as LED strip lights, MJS Electrical offers LED strip channels for simple installation and connectors for light strip attachment. Connectors can securely join 10mm of LED strips together, so that separate light strips combine seamlessly into one elongated feature. Tools such as these make LED strip lights even easier to tailor to your specific space and vision.

Other LED Lighting Options

At MJS Electrical, we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with the lighting in every room of their home. This is why we don’t underestimate the importance of considering all the options.

While strip lights are fun, convenient and customisable, there are many other types of LED lights that could suit your space too. Our LED ceiling lights, for example, are ideal for those wanting a more traditional lighting experience. These come in several shapes and sizes, from the rounded oyster and opal varieties to long, thin batten options.

If you are looking for a bathroom light, we have an assortment of products that combine lighting with heaters and fans. These three-in-one units make for an extremely comfortable bathroom experience, as the fan draws condensation from the room while the heater creates warmth and brighter lighting.

MJS Electrical also has a lot of exterior lighting options, including outdoor lighting, garden lighting, spotlights, deck lights and up down lights. Our LED sensor lights add additional protection to your home and make quick trips outside at night safer. These products sense movement in the surrounding area and react by immediately lighting up, alerting you to the presence of trespassers and deterring burglars from entering your home.

Where Can I Buy The Best LED Strip Lights on the Market?

If it’s LED strip lights you want, you’ve come to the right place. MJS Electrical is proud to supply Aussie tradies with exceptional LED light products at affordable prices. Browse our website today for ideal lighting solutions!

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