Efficient Lighting

One of the most popular ways to improve the lighting of a room or space is by utilising downlight globes. As the name suggests, a downlight throws light directly below it, and is fitted in the ceiling or other hidden areas to give the impression of light coming directly from the ceiling rather than a more visible traditional light fixture. Downlight globes can practically be installed in any room, require less maintenance and are also an energy-efficient option. Downlight globes, both LED and halogen, are almost always in one of two socket types – MR16 or GU10 – and we stock both at MJS Electrical Supplies.

Best-In Class Downlight Globes

Whether you are looking for LED, or halogen downlight globes, all the products we stock at MJS Electrical Supplies are designed using aluminium and polycarbonate for the best functionality. To suit varying needs of customers, we have different downlight globes as part of our ceiling lights collection, whether you need a dimmable one, or even one you can change the colour temperature with, according to your whims and moods. Downlights are fuss-free and stylish options, especially for ambient lighting and task lighting. To light up your space, check out the range of downlight globes we stock at MJS Electrical Supplies.

Explore Your Lighting Options

The best lighting solutions are often found when you use an amalgamation of different kinds of lights, tailored to your needs and uses. At MJS Electrical Supplies, you can find more than just LED and halogen downlight globes, as we stock other lighting options and accessories too, from traditional LED lights to heat lamps and more. Batten holders are commonly used nowadays to reduce the need for an electrical cord, since they are directly fixed to the wall or wooden board, and we have them available in multiple colours and styles to match your preferences. For anyone looking for more than just downlight globes, at MJS Electrical Supplies, we also have downlight kits for more comprehensive ideas and solutions for your room’s lighting.

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Established in 2010, MJS Electrical Supplies has grown and flourished in the electrical industry eCommerce space. We pride ourselves on our reliable service and helpful staff, all making for a great customer experience, particularly when coupled with our wide range of products. Our team has been in this business for over 20 years, and with the experience on hand, we are able to bring the best products at the best prices for existing and new customers. Our strict quality control demands ensure that you only get the best bang for your buck from your chosen product, whether it is from an Australian or international supplier.

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