Need an Electrical Contactor?

When it comes to circuit protection, you’ve got to get an electrical contactor. An electrical contactor is a device that is used to make or break the connection between the load and power supply. In other words, it is an electrically controlled switch that switches a power circuit, similar to a relay but with higher current ratings. Contractors have many applications, including for the automation of lights in industrial, commercial and residential spaces. Whatever your reason for needing a contactor, we’ll get you sorted at MJS Electrical Supplies!

But That’s Not All!

Along with contactors, we have a number of products designed to increase safety and protection. Items such as main switches, circuit breakers, service fuses, surge arrestors and safety switches are all incredibly important for your electrical systems. We also have a wide array of switchgear products, which help us to ensure your powerpoints and switches are functioning as they should. At MJS Electrical Supplies, we have all the essentials for running highly productive and reliable electrical systems throughout your home or workplace. From lighting and air movement to TV and data, our shop covers every facet of the modern built environment.

Switch to MJS Electrical Supplies

MJS Electrical Supplies is an obvious choice for all your electrical needs. Our catalogue is comprehensive, covering all the best products from highly-rated and beloved brands. We also offer great prices and speedy delivery, which can be especially important when you need replacement parts in a pinch. Our friendly staff have plenty of experience in the industry, and use this background to offer personalised electrical advice when required. If you have any questions or concerns, rest assured that you will be listened to at MJS Electrical Supplies.

Shop Electrical Contactors for Sale

Engineered for durability, efficiency and safety, our electrical contactors unlock the power of precise electrical control. Whether you need them for industrial or commercial purposes, these products will ensure smooth operation and prevent overloads. For exceptional current management, browse our collection of contactors today at MJS Electrical Supplies!

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