There are hundreds of different lighting options and styles available, but oyster lights are used consistently because of their seamless design. Apart from their cheap price, they are also energy-efficient. After all, you're running less light. If you are looking for oyster lights, MJS Electrical Supplies offers a wide range of oyster and affordable ceiling lights. We offer a variety of LED oyster lights, including a SAL oyster light and other brands.

Choosing The Right Oyster Light

LED Oyster Lights

When choosing oyster light, look for one that uses LED lights. MJS recommends LED oyster lights since they are energy-efficient and can last up to 10x longer than other lights, which can help you save money in the long run.


Lumens determine the brightness of the light, which also determines the brightness of the room. If you're installing LED oyster lights in a standard size room, choose ones with 2500 to 3000 lumens (30-40w). For smaller bedrooms, you can opt for oyster lights with around 1500 lumens (15-20w).


Only buy oyster lights from reputable brands. Reputable brands offer excellent warranties and some of them allow you to replace the bulbs instead of the whole fitting. While other brands can be cheaper, most of them offer integrated LEDs. Integrated LEDs mean that their light bulbs are not replaceable, and you will need to replace the whole fitting when it dies.

Colour Temperature

If you want to avoid dark shadows, most oyster lights available are around 5000k, which is a bright white light. If you want a more natural look, install a dimmable oyster. For a warmer tinge, a 4000k oyster light can give you a warm tone with natural whitish colour.

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