Cable clips are a convenient way of securing cables and wiring to walls, furniture, along skirting, or behind and around other fixtures. They are commonly used in both home and office settings, and anywhere else, you're likely to find extended wirings running between different equipment outside of a housing or cabinet. They are made from PVC plastic and have a nail used for fixing. Available in many different sizes to suit a variety of different cables. If you need electrical cable clips, you've come to the right place. MJS Electrical Supplies offers a wide range of cable clips suitable for all types of cable. From round cable clips to various sizes, including 1.5mm cable clips, 2.5mm cable clips, and 4mm cable clips, to cable wall clips, and cable holder clip, we have got everything you need. 

Cable clips are cable mounting and management tools used to secure cables, building wire, data cable, phone cable, coaxial cable or alarm and security cable to fixed locations. If used properly, these clips can serve a convenient dual purpose when used outside of walls and furniture. First, cable clips can make any home or professional environment look tidier than they would with loose cables and wirings. Second and its most important purpose, they can keep both cables and people safe by securing the common source of electrical and trip hazards. 

Cable clips main purpose is to secure cables within walls, making them neat and tidy before the plasterboard is fitted and the walls are enclosed. Cable clips don't have to be solely used for wirings and cables. Larger-sized clips are ideal for securing heavier runs of tubing or conduit.

How To Use Cable Clips

Using cable clips is one of the simpler installation procedures you can come across in any DIY activity. A cable clip usually involves two key parts: 

  • A hook, loop, or cradle to hold the wires and cables in a neat position
  • A nail, pin, or screw to affix the clips on a secure surface

There are different variations in the design and method for attaching cable clips, and the particular technique to mount and secure them will also differ slightly depending on the products. For example, a girder cable clip often clips or hooks around metal girders or other ceiling beams to suspend the cabling run without requiring you to pierce or drill into the mounting surface.

Electrical Cable Clips - MJS Electrical Supplies

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