QCE Slimline Swiches & Powerpoints

Looking for quality electrical accessories that won't break the bank can be challenging. You wouldn't want to settle for cheap unknown brands, especially when your safety is at stake. Big manufacturers often offer expensive electrical products. But that's not the case here with MJS Electrical Supplies. We offer high-quality QCE Electrical Outlets and QCE Powerpoints that won't empty your pocket. Our range of QCE products is perfect for any of your electrical needs. Need switchgear? We’ve got one for you. Looking for a 2 gang switch? OR maybe 4 gang one? QCE has got you covered. We also offer QCE telephone outlets and switch mechanisms.

QCE (Quality Controlled Electrics) has been established since 2010 and is making a name for themselves with their excellent quality and designed switchgear. While the product range is still limited, the company is slowly expanding to cover different electrical products you are looking for. We currently have chosen to stock the QCE "CS Series" Range of Powerpoints, electrical outlets, and Switches, which is an affordable range of slimline switchgear.

We know that sometimes competitively priced products can be alarming to some customers as it might be created with low-quality materials. But this is not the case with QCE. QCE Electrical Outlets and QCE Powerpoints are manufactured from top of the line materials ensuring that the products are of a high standard. We understand that protecting your home is your number one priority; that's why you only want to choose the best electrical supplies. With MJS Electrical Supplies, your safety is our priority. All QCE products are tested for durability and functionality. So what are you waiting for? Check out all our QCE products now! Shop the range online or visit us in-store today.