HPM Light Switches and Powerpoints

When buying light switches, one of the most important things to consider is knowing the manufacturer of the product. When you buy electrical products from trusted suppliers, you’re purchasing safety and security. You don't want to risk your home by buying cheap products from unknown manufacturers. Here at MJS Electrical Supplies, we carry products from an icon of the Australian electrical industry, HPM. It is a company committed to providing you the best in everyday electrical products ranging from HPM switches to HPM power points. All products are quality tested, making sure that you get the best there is in the market.

Are you looking for a classic light switch design for your home? The HPM Excel line is for you. It was the first range on the market that has removable snap-on, snap-off cover plates, which make painting easier. It also allows you to mix and match the cover plate colours depending on your decor. Are you leaning towards a more industrial look? The HPM Architectural metal range is made from thick stainless steel giving your space a modern look and feel. No more need for painted plastic fakes and micro-thin metal plates. For a more contemporary feel, the HPM Excel Life range features an electronic push-button switch with customisable LED colours, LED ring kits, powerpoints with internal safety shutters, and single module time delay and surge protection devices.

HPM Stockists

We offer a wide range of HPM products such as an HPM Powerpoint cover, HPM 4 gang switch, HPM GPO, and HPM Excel double Powerpoint and more. All products are compliant with the strictest safety standards and designed to keep users powered, connected, making, and creating. Trusted by electricians, HPM products provide quality, safety, and reliability. What are you waiting for? Feel free to browse all HPM light switches here at MJS Electrical Supplies.