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We carry a large range of Weatherproof Isolating Switches available in a number of different Pole and Amperage configurations. An isolator switch, also known as the main isolator switch, is a device or system that isolates a particular circuit to maintain the current and prevent any currents from passing through. This type of switch can be used for various electrical appliances and applications, including kitchen appliances, Solar Circuits, Air Conditioning Systems, power circuits, and a whole lot more. Here at MJS Electrical Supplies, we offer a wide range of isolation switches, such as 1 pole isolator switch, 2 pole isolating switch, 3 pole isolation switches and 4 pole isolator switches. Isolator switches set apart circuits within a circuit or system for maintenance and repairs. These switches can also be used for smaller-scale household appliances such as electric ovens, hot water units, air conditioning units and similar devices.

Isolator Switch vs. Circuit Breaker

When it comes to electrical switches, isolator switches, and circuit breakers can be easily confused as the same thing. Circuit breakers are commonly used as electrical switches that interrupt the power supply into a circuit when an excess current is detected. On the other hand, isolator switches come in handy when the system or circuit is in a no-load position. It is not advisable to use them when currents are passing through. Another difference between the two is that circuit breakers work automatically. It means that you don't give any specific commands before the job is done. With isolator switches, you need to manually operate them before they can isolate electrical currents for maintenance.

What Appliances Need an Isolator Switch?

Most appliances need an isolator switch, especially if tinkered with while the power is on. However, since wall sockets can also act as an isolator switch, small appliances don't require a dedicated isolator before maintenance is done.

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