A smoke detector is a device which alerts people in the event of a fire. Smoke alarms work on two different detecting principles. The first being Ionisation and the second Photoelectric. It is good to have a combination of both alarms in different areas of your house. By law all new houses must have smoke detectors installed inside the premises. Also if you are renting a property you must have a working smoke detector installed in the premises. Smoke detectors can be interconnected and also hard wired with a battery backup incase of power failure. Smoke detectors need to be replaced every 5-10 years. All smoke detectors sold here are ActiveFire listed and Australian Standards Approved. All hard wired smoke detectors must be installed by a licensed electrician.

Keep Things Safe & Up to Code With Our Smoke Alarms

Need a new smoke alarm? Then MJS Electrical Supplies is the place to go. Our range of smoke alarms has been specially chosen to deliver big when it comes to performance and dependability. Whether you are looking for a quality 240 volt photoelectric smoke alarm complete with battery backup or sleek black smoke alarms to suit your decor, we have gone above and beyond to provide you with smoke alarms that meet all of your specific residential or commercial needs. We also have options from leading and trusted brands, including Clipsal and Red Smoke Alarms, so you know you’re in good hands.

So, if you are looking for some dependable home security equipment, smoke alarm or something else, be sure to explore our range of premium-quality options.

Not Sure Which Smoke Alarm Is Right for You?

While a smoke alarm has one main job, there’s a lot of additional features and extras in our range that might just be up your alley, like wireless interconnectivity and battery back-ups.

Choose Interconnectivity for a Greater Range of Protection

Few properties can get away with a single smoke alarm, but what if you’re worried that a smoke alarm sounding a few rooms away won’t get your attention or wake you from that deep slumber? Never fear, because we’ve got great wirelessly connected smoke alarms to ensure that no matter where the smoke or fire is, all of your alarms will sound. You can even check in on your property and smoke alarms while you’re away with a convenient app.

Trust Battery Back-Ups

Blackouts from summer storms or scheduled maintenance can leave your property at risk. Unless you have a wired smoke alarm complete with battery back-up. So, pick up your PSA, Clipsal or other battery back-up smoke alarm today and play it safe.

Unite Function & Form

While smoke alarms are a critical necessity in every building, it’s fair to say they don’t always go with your aesthetic. Luckily, we have plenty of sleek and stylish black smoke alarms to choose from. These quality alarms are perfect for contemporary and modern looks, turning an everyday essential into a piece of decor in its own right.

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