Outdoor Living Like Never Before With Clipsal’s Iconic Series

Clipsal’s Iconic Outdoor series delivers big when it comes to weather-proof products that are easy to install without compromising quality or innovation. Carefully designed, the range is perfect for the residential market and can be used for all Zone 2 applications. Clipsal’s Outdoor selection boasts weatherproof conduit entry kits, switches, powerpoints, sockets and much more.

What Makes the Clipsal Iconic Series the Must-Have for Outdoor Installation?

Enhanced Reliability You Can Trust

The Clipsal Outdoor collection has approached the challenge of weather proofing switches and powerpoints with finesse and expertise. For instance, you’ll find that all Clipsal Iconic Outdoor sockets have a spring-loaded sealing shutter with a specially designed water channel. This ensures IP54 protection, meaning Clipsal Outdoor weatherproof powerpoints can be used in Zone 2 wet areas.

Simple Installation for Faster, Weatherproof Work

All products in the Clipsal Iconic Outdoor series come designed with mounting holes outside the waterproof area. This allows for fast, clean installation without sealant or screw caps, or compromising the product’s weatherproof IP54 rating.

Innovation Where It Matters Mosts

As part of this enhanced installation system, Clipsal Outdoor conduit entry kits are designed with purpose-built seals in their frames. This maintains the IP54 rating without the need for messy sealant. Simply open the seals using the pull tabs and install as needed.

Designed for & With Electricians for Superior Results

There can often be a disparity between manufacturers and users when it comes to creating and installing electrical products. However, the Clipsal Iconic Outdoor range has been specifically developed and tested with active electricians to ensure that all products in the collection deliver excellent value, from installation to aesthetics.

Functionality That Brings Style

Speaking of aesthetics, while the Clipsal Outdoor range has been designed for functionality, it has also been made to look stunning. With a residential focus in mind, Clipsal have chosen a sleek look for the range to ensure it enhances the look of outdoor entertaining areas.

Smart Home Connectivity to Stay Relevant for the Future

The Iconic Outdoor collection also offers smart home connectivity options to ensure that users can enjoy a full scope of modern-day features, inside and outside their home.

Discover the Clipsal Iconic Series for Yourself

The Clipsal Iconic series has been designed for outdoor use and promises to deliver big on value, from durability to functionality to aesthetics. Whether you’re working on a new build, renovation or retrofit, it’s the perfect choice for creating a stylish outdoor space everyone can enjoy. Shop the range at MJS Electrical Supplies now.

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