Outdoor Like Never Before

Redefining weather-proof products, Iconic Outdoor is the innovative new range which achieves a balance between simplicity of installation, clever technology and consumer friendly aesthetics. Designed for the residential market, but with electrical contractors in mind, the range is suitable for Zone 2 applications.

RELIABLE - To ensure IP54 protection, all Iconic Outdoor Socket Outlets have a spring-loaded sealing shutter with a designed water channel. It is suited for applications such as zone 2 wet areas due to its IP54 protection

EASY TO USE - There is no need to drill holes in the products because they are designed with mounting holes outside the waterproof region. Because of the location of the mounting holes, no sealant or Screw caps are required, resulting in a clean, quick installation that maintains it's IP54 rating.

INGENIOUS - Seals are built into the frame of all conduit entries, eliminating the need for sealants. Pull tabs make it simple to open the seals, making installation a breeze.

Designed Alongside Electricians

Iconic Outdoor has been developed and tested with Electricians to bring clear innovations, a more reliable form while simplifying many steps in the installation process. A quick and easy to install outdoor solution that has been tested for durability in Australian backyards. Residential focused aesthetic that complements the design of the home. Bringing the indoors outside by enhancing the look of your outdoor entertaining area and increasing functionality with smart home connectivity. Perfect for new builds, renovations, and retrofits.