Pop Up Power Points for Bench Tops

Bench top power points are a great solution for when the floor is too far down. Sometimes, you need a powerpoint at your fingertips—and that goes double if you’re navigating a busy family life. If you need a communal recharging station at the breakfast table, a bench top power point is a safe and streamlined solution. If you need to keep your phone and its fading battery on hand, you can recharge it atop your bench top with a pop up power point. Already, it should be clear how bench top power points are power points with a convenient and often work-friendly twist. Which one will suit your setup?

What Suits Your Setup?

At MJS Electrical Supplies, we have a range of different bench top power points and power point accessories. While most will host your classic three-prong power cable, some facilitate other setups, among which include USB and category 6 cabling. We have bench top pop up power points that house as little as one cable and as many as four. However, you’ll find that most of our bench top power points consist of two sockets, supporting the standard office setup: one to charge your phone and the other into which to plug your laptop. Why ‘Pop Up’ Power Points?

Why ‘Pop Up’ Power Points?

Why do we call them ‘pop up’ power points for bench tops? Because if they’re not rearing their head from beneath the bench, they’ll reside behind the lid of a stainless steel or brass box that flips open or ‘pops up’. Some prefer the lidded box option as it protects the power points when they’re not in use. On the other hand, some prefer to stick with classic power points as they’re more removed from the elements. If you’re worried about spills or debris but still want that ‘benchtop’ convenience, a lidded bench top power point may be the ideal compromise. It won’t catch everything, but preserving it this way may provide more peace of mind.

What Else?

If bench top pop up power points don’t sound right, we stock other supplies. Perhaps you prefer to keep your power points at foot level but need something a little more specialised. In this case, you may like our power points with USB outlets, which provide a dual function that’s becoming more necessary as technology advances. Flipping the script completely, maybe you work outside and require weatherproof power points into which to plug your power machinery or equipment. Whatever your situation, MJS Electrical Supplies stocks the power points and power point accessories you need to keep things running and get the job done. Shop our range of affordable items and tools online today!

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