The Clipsal MAX9 range is designed to provide maximum efficiency and peace of mind to electricians, so that you can focus on growing your business and providing best service to your customers with latest innovation in circuit protection.

What is an Arc Fault Detection Device?
An AFDD is a detection device that automatically cuts the electricity supply when it detects an arc fault in a circuit. By immediately cutting off the electricity supply, AFDDs help to prevent arc faults from reaching temperatures where fires can break out. AFDDs fit into electrical switchboards alongside other protective equipment. When an arc fault is detected, the device immediately isolates the circuit, preventing ignition of flammable materials. An AFDD detects the appearance of electric arcs that are responsible for starting fires. They are extremely sensitive, designed to sense and respond only to potentially dangerous arcs.

Arc Fault Detection Devices help to reduce the risk of electrical fire.
Broken wires, loose connections, crushed cables can all cause hidden arc faults in electrical circuits, which if left undetected, can erupt into flames in just seconds. AFDDs isolate the circuit the moment an arc fault is detected. Arc faults are one of the main causes of electrical fires. Electrical fires due to arc faults are surprisingly common especially in older homes. Electrical fires cause considerable damage to property, injuries and deaths each year

Some Key Facts Are 

  • Every year about 12,000 fires are reported from Australian homes
  • 40% of fires in homes are related to electrical fault and appliances
  • About 60 lives are lost each year due to fires in Australian homes
  • Millions are spent in repairing damage caused by fires in homes

How Do Arc Faults Occur?

  • Electrical cables bent in tight radius
  • Loose plugs in sockets
  • Cables damaged from screws and fastners
  • Poor termination of electrical circuits
  • Worn insulation on electrical cables
  • Exposed wiring
  • Pinched electrical cables
  • Pests / Vermin damage to electrical cables

Clipsal MAX9 Arc Fault Detection RCBO Features & Benefits

  • Circuit protection against overload, short-circuit, earth leakage and Arc Fault
  • Two module width ideal for retrofit installations where space is limited
  • Top and bottom line and load compatible for ease of installation
  • Two pole safety feature allows switching of both active and neutral contacts
  • 6kA short circuit breaking capacity
  • Type A RCBO to sense both a.c. and pulsating d.c currents
  • Fire hazard tripping indication via the front panel indicator
  • Device diagnosis via the test button
  • Green strip on the toggle that indicates opening of all the poles
  • Tripping cause diagnosis by LED blinking in front face
  • Available in 6A to 25A current rating

All products must be installed by a licensed electrican. DIY electrical work is illegal and very dangerous.

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Earth Leakage Protection Class Type A
Range Clipsal MAX9
Type Arc Fault Detection Device
kA Rating 6kA
Poles 1P+N
Earth Leakage Sensitivity 30mA
Trip Curve C Curve
Voltage 240V AC
Model # MX9A32
Brand Clipsal
Shipping Weight 0.2280kg
Shipping Width 0.044m
Shipping Height 0.084m
Shipping Length 0.104m