Harry’s Hat® is an Australian made product that has been introduced into the marketplace for Electrical Contractors to achieve compliance for mechanical cable protection in ceiling cavities.

The product offers mechanical cable protection through an easy and efficient way of install and compliance can be achieved within seconds of unpacking the product. The product is easy to install and use without altering an existing installation or using excessive cabling. Placing Harry’s Hat® over the cable and fixing in place with two screws (as oppose to cutting and fixing a piece of timber across the trusses and clipping cable securely to it) is a far more easier and efficient solution to being compliant.

The design of the product is in the shape of a hat, hence the name Harry’s Hat®. The hat shape ensures that it isn’t a trip hazard with the formation of an Apex. The product is made from a Polypropylene plastic, which is a nonconductive material. The polypropylene formation can withstand a load rating of 150kg. Harry’s Hat® is light in weight with strong impact resistance and stiffness. Long lasting and water resistant. 

A noticeable characteristic of Harry’s Hat® is its bright pink colour. The bright pink colour selection is an easy way for Electrical Safety Office Inspectors and Building inspectors to quickly check whether or not the electric installation complies. The bright pink colour also allows clear visibility as to where the presence of cables are running or exist in a ceiling cavity and also whether or not mechanical protection has been applied.

Wondering how much cable can fit under Harry’s Hat®? With the hat section 32mm high and 52mm wide at the base, this can allow for a wide range of cables to fit through the hat. Whether it be TPS, Circular or XLPE.

Harry’s Hat® - Made by Electricians, for Electricans!

All products must be installed by a licensed electrican. DIY electrical work is illegal and very dangerous.

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Model # HH001
Brand Harry's Hat
Shipping Weight 0.0700kg
Shipping Width 0.110m
Shipping Height 0.085m
Shipping Length 0.155m

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