The Ideal 33-856 VDV Tester is an LCD based all-in-one basic Voice-Data-Video tester for verifying proper wiring of low-voltage and data communications cables. The primary function of the VDV is the wiremap test. The wiremap test visually shows, pin by pin, whether a cable is terminated properly at both ends and if there is continuity from end to end. The VDV can test Data/Ethernet RJ-45 (8P8C), Voice/Phone RJ-11/12(6P6C/6P4C), and Video/coax cables. The LCD visually displays “PASS” or “ERROR” after each test to verify if the cable is terminated correctly.

In Data mode, the RJ-45 port tests RJ-45 connector cables terminated to Cat 3/5/5e/6/6a twisted pair cables. When the test is activated, VDV checks each conductor of the cable for any opens terminated or cut conductors), shorts (cut or nicked conductors that come into contact), miswires (wires out of order – not consistent at both ends), reversals, or split pairs (wired correctly but using wrong conductor order and grouping). VDV can accurately identify and alert the user to uplink/crossover cables.

Test results are displayed on the LCD in a pin-to-pin format. Error types are also displayed on the LCD.

Shield continuity can also be tested on shielded RJ-45 connectors and cables.

In Voice mode, the RJ-11/12 port is active. Testing is similar to the Data test, but tests up to 6 conductors instead of 8.

In Video mode, the F port is active. Coax cables are tested for opens and shorts on the pin and shield.

For all tests, the included main remote (Remote #1) is used to terminate the far end of the cable run. The main remote is stored in the base of the tester when not in use.

A built in analog tone generator is also included and can be used in all testing modes. The tone generator has 4 user selectable tones. Toning helps to locate and identify a single cable that is within a bundle of cables. The tone generator has the ability to tone by pin, by pair, or the all conductors at once. This allows the user to more precisely locate errors within the cable, such as finding opens.

The 62-164 Amplifier probe (sold separately) is recommended for use in amplifying the tone signal.


  • Voice/Data/Video LCD based wiremapper verifies cable continuity
  • Identifies errors by pin: shorts, opens, miswires, reversals, and split pairs
  • For twisted pair, coax, and phone type cables
  • Designed for CAT3/5/5e/6/6a cables. RG59/6/ 6 Quad
  • RJ-45; RJ-11/12; and Female F port interfaces
  • Tone generator with 4 selectable tones
  • Tone by pin, pair, or entire cable
  • Main remote included, stores in base of unit

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